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Scrimshaws Portfolio

Scrimshaws Interior Design has created interior and exterior designs for a host of styles, layouts and ranging designs. The enjoyment of collaboration and creating new designs has led to lasting and meaning impact. The designs are intended to meet the personal taste and support the vision for the client. Scrimshaws Interior Design utilizes over 25 years of design experience and industry knowledge to help shape and support the final design.

The collaboration process involves both the client and suppliers of furniture, flooring, drapery and other items contributing to an impactful final design. Talented and creative artisans provide insight and contribute to the creation of unique designs to support the final feel of the room or home. As a team, we are patient and persistent until the final desired effect is achieved.

The most fulfilling aspect related to the design is to complete the ‘perfect picture’ and seeing the finished application. In addition, “experiencing the client’s joy is the most rewarding part of the interior design.”


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